“The Breast Archives is like a warm conversation between you and nine of your closest friends.”   
Lena Wilson, Arts and Entertainment,
The Valley Advocate

“The Breast Archives is a frank, eye-opening look into the secret world of female insecurities and fears. It shows how far women will need to go to become whole again, and reject the culture’s breast-obsession. Every woman needs to see this documentary, so she can begin her own journey towards health.” 
Sydney Ross Singer, MD, Director of The Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease and Co-Author of Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras

“The Breast Archives is beautiful, well done, and important. It will do a lot of good in the world and I’m proud to be part of it.” 
Miriam Cutler, Lyricist, Emmy nominated composer, and creator of The Breast Archives’ musical score

“The Breast Archives is a MUST SEE! With its openness, courage and authenticity, it creates an opportunity to empower, engage and enlighten a new generation.”   
Anita Fritz, Editor, The Greenfield Recorder

“The Breast Archives” captures the tenderness, anxiety, pride and wisdom of the women interviewed, and offers an opening for healing conversations about women’s real, rich lives. ” 
Sid Reger, President, Assoc. for the Study of Women and Mythology

“I think this film will save lives.” 
Laura Gail Grohe, Film Participant

“As a Psychotherapist and Wellness Trainer, I am very pleased to endorse this compelling documentary. It will be an instrumental teaching tool for young women regarding body image and self esteem issues because it raises thought-provoking ideas and emotions.” 
Jori Ross, LICSW, ACSW, Diplomate