Tending Your Garden

Art-by-Lori-FelixHow can we celebrate our breasts? Celebrate the breasts, you ask? We say YES!

The breasts are far more mysterious and complex than society has led us to believe. What we hear from the media is that our breasts’ are only special if they’re sexual.

The truth is, our breasts link us to our hearts. That makes them special.

Breasts are our garden—each flower comes up differently. How do you tend to your garden? How can we take advantage of the attention that breasts get and make them the center of a positive experience?

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The Breast Archives is delighted to be guest posting on the wonderful blog at Journey of Young Women. As a former student of the program, Meagan applauds their mission “to help girls navigate the path from childhood to womanhood with intentionality, mentorship and joy using the guiding principles of compassion, awareness and reverence for the interdependent web of life.”


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