Talking about Our Breasts

We don’t talk about our breasts. The mainstream consumerist media talks about our breasts, men talk about our breasts, we sometimes talk about each other’s breasts…but we don’t talk about our lived experiences with our breasts.

Filmmaker and author, Meema Spadola, calls the breasts “our most public private part.” Perhaps it is this promotion of something so vulnerable and so sexualized that causes us to feel shame or embarrassment. But one thing is for sure: 85% of women are unhappy with their breasts, and it’s my belief that most of those women–most of us–aren’t really talking about it.

When I began to ask women about their breasts at the outset of this project, what I found was that beneath the suppressed feelings there was a treasure trove of stories. Beneath the shame and silence, there were relatable moments, funny anecdotes, enticing and erotic tales, remnants of trauma, a myriad of narrative about how women relate to themselves and their bodies in a society that places such weight on appearance. It was like uncovering a goldmine of wisdom!

Our experiences are varied and unique, just as we are. But through listening to others’ stories, our own stories become clear. I’ve had so many people come up to me after seeing early versions of the film and want to tell me their experiences. I hope that as the project is shared more widely that more will come forward, be liberated, and help us all to create a new path towards an embodied equality.

The Breast Archives uses breast-centered stories to create a path back to feminine wholeness. The film also reminds us of the natural healing wisdom we are born with; that we carry forward, and which links us to an ancestral (inherited) intelligence.


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Uncovering Stories, Revealing Truths

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