4 Ways To Support Our Mission

The Breast Archives is a film for women of all ages including breast cancer survivors, college students, parents and teens and educators looking to inspire discussion and a greater understanding of themselves.

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It also taps into the emerging feminine wisdom now sweeping the globe.

Until now everything’s been self-funded. But now I need your help for expenses, including audience outreach, advertising, graphic design and printing, film festivals, distribution & marketing, our Users Guide, and my amazing, hard working team.

Thank you for supporting our effort to help women find their voices, and connect with their bodies and become whole again!!

Meagan Murphy



Your support helps us pay for the film’s finishing touches, our grass roots efforts and outreach, printing, advertising, the distribution effort (“Herculean”), and our incredibly hard-working team!


Host A Screening

Share this “conversation starting” film with your loved ones and community from the comfort of your own home! Harness the magic of a wide-ranging conversation that teaches and bonds! Help us share this inspiring film! Large screens are recommended (other restrictions may apply). To organize a screening, please contact us.


Try Our Breast Balm

We've specially formulated our Breast Balm made deliberately and with love from sustainably sourced pure ingredients.  Breast Balm promotes compassionate self-care and encourages us to develop a loving bond with our breasts with a velvety smooth, fruit and flower smelling balm.  Try it yourself today!


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