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Why The Breast Archives Matters

When a woman has a positive attitude and connection to her breasts - the life-giving source for nourishment and pleasure - she is more apt to respect her natural self, listen to her inner wisdom and, ultimately, achieve healthy mental, physical and spiritual development.

Unfortunately, studies show that as many as 85% of women have discontent or shame around their breasts.

The Breast Archives explores this complex relationship in a unique and thought-provoking manner. Nine women bare their breasts and boldly reveal their memories of puberty, experiences of shame, sexual tensions, and the influence of media, religion, and culture on their self-worth and development. By exposing their breasts and expressing their fear-based emotions, these women begin to rid themselves of beliefs that are untrue and limiting. They are moved to express a desire to embrace their inner splendor and learn to listen to its wisdom.

The Breast Archives was produced in order to raise awareness about anxiety and depression so many women and girls experience in regard to their breasts. This powerful documentary creates a new conversation about how women perceive themselves, and it awakens a new consciousness for the instinctive capacity and knowing we carry within us.

The Breast Archives Creators


Meagan Murphy

Director & Producer
Meagan Murphy is a documentary film producer/writer based in Northampton, Massachusetts. She has written and produced documentaries and branded content for clients and media outlets, most recently PBS, since 1994.  Her work focuses on topics of humanities, culture and women’s health. She has received a Communicators Award, a Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medical Journalism Fellowship, and was a Time Inc. Health Education Freddie Award Finalist  
Rossi EG Test

Fernanda Rossi

Fernanda Rossi is an internationally renowned writer and speaker who has collaborated on more than five hundred fiction scripts and documentaries, including two documentaries nominated for an Academy Award®. She has given lectures in twelve countries and at many film festivals and markets.
miriam (1)

Miriam Cutler

Miriam is an Emmy nominated Composer passionate about scoring documentaries, among them Emmy winning, Sundance, and Oscar nominated films: Ethel, Lost in La Mancha, Thin, Poster Girl, Kings Point, Ghosts Of Abu Ghraib, American Promise, Vito, Desert Of Forbidden Art, Scouts Honor, License To Kill, One Last Hug.