This Female Director Explores a Taboo Subject: Breasts

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Featured in A Women's Thing

Meagan Murphy had worked as a journalist and director for more than a decade when she stumbled upon her next big subject on a trip to Egypt. While not unusual for tourists to be wowed by the majesty and grandeur of the pyramids, Murphy found herself marveling at something else: the towering, topless figures of the goddesses.

“I became inspired by the idea that women’s breasts contain an ancient wisdom,” says Murphy.

She began working on The Breast Archives, a new documentary that explores nine women’s personal stories. From the shame and awkwardness of puberty to the changes and wisdom of adulthood, they show that women’s experiences come in all shapes and sizes.

“Each of us shares a similar path from our girlhood into an awaiting culture that happens to frame the breasts as exclusively sexual,” says Murphy. “For many of us, this is a journey that’s bumpy, contradictory, even dangerous. Yet other memories from our adolescent corridors are exhilarating, surprising, and often hilarious.”

“One of the best things about this documentary project has been discovering that our breasts are a treasure trove of stories.”
We spoke to Murphy in advance of the March 10, 2018, premier of The Breast Archives at the Women’s International Film & Arts Festival in New York City.

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The Breast Archives will be presented at the Women’s International Film & Arts Festival on March 10, 2018, at 5:45pm, at The Village East Cinema in New York City. Tickets can be purchased here.

The Valley Advocate Sept. 2017 Film Review

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Featured in The Valley Advocate

Some documentaries exist to tackle big-picture issues, while others hone in on life’s finer details. The Breast Archives, by local director Meagan Murphy, attempts both tasks at once, as the film delves into the world of feminist body politics vis-a-vis the breasts. This project daringly experiments with non-traditional filmmaking techniques to produce a melange of women’s experiences with their own bodies.

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MUST SEE: A documentary about women and their breasts on Sunday

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Featured in The Greenfield Recorder

For the past four years, documentary filmmaker Meagan Murphy and her team have worked to create “The Breast Archives,” a documentary about women and their breasts.

The Breast Archives features nine diverse women, eight of whom boldly expose their breasts to the camera. In a series of interviews, they explore, critique and celebrate the complex role of the breasts in body image, health and social identity.

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Women of Distinction Magazine

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Meagan-CoverFeatured in Women of Distinction Magazine

The statistics are shocking. Ninety percent of women are unhappy with their breasts. Furthermore, a UCLA study that polled 60,000 women discovered that 85 percent of them are “dissatisfied with or ambivalent about their breasts.” Despite such alarming figures the issue has been swept under the rug. Upon learning the magnitude of the dilemma, veteran broadcast and film professional Meagan Murphy knew she needed to start a conversation to bring the voices of real women to the forefront.

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"Wow, Wow – what heartfelt and beautiful authenticity! I love the courage, fun and poignancy. Thank you; you make me love my breasts!"

Donna Brooks, Owner, Original Body Wisdom

"I believe this film will be especially instrumental as a teaching tool for discussions for young women regarding body image and self esteem issues. I can also imagine it as a resource for women and men across all developmental stages. It is thought provoking and raises challenging ideas and emotions. I strongly support this exciting and valuable project."

Jori Ross, LICSW, ACSW, Diplomate, Psychotherapist

"When we speak from our hearts about our breasts we become public on our own terms. When I watch other women speak about their breasts I am transformed. How wise and beautiful we truly are!"

Carol Beauvais, Ph.D., Psychologist