Laura Gail Grohe is a 47-year-old artist originally from Cambridge, MA. Reclaiming her body has been a life-long endeavor and is something she would like to pass on to her daughter.

Heather Toombs is 37 years old and identifies as queer. She is a mental health counselor with a specialty practice in holistic sex therapy, and is from the North Shore in Massachusetts.

Carol Beauvais, PhD is a psychologist from Northampton, MA. She is 74 years old, is a wife and mother, an artist and Jungian enthusiast, and a breast cancer survivor.

Leslie Cerier, 61, is a gourmet chef, cookbook author, wellness coach, photographer and mother, originally from New York City.

Marsia Harris is an artist, singer/songwriter and photographer originally from New Jersey. Age 53, she also facilitates "Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves," a workshop that travels widely throughout New England.

Petra Roelofs, 45, resides in the Netherlands, where she is a life-coach and educator. She is passionate about energy-healing, soul coaching and connecting with her inner child.

Rev. Sandra L. Harrick is an internationally known Intuitive Counselor, in practice for over 40 years. Her business, "Soul Awakenings," offers workshops and classes in the field of psychological/spiritual healing.

Teresa Lorenco, 47, is a mother of three, a yoga instructor, a singer and the director of a burlesque troupe. Raised in Boston, Teresa strongly identifies with her Puerto Rican roots.

Eileen Hunt is from Cape Cod, MA and is 54 years old. She comes from an Irish Catholic background and is an accomplished gardener and cook.