Happy Spring! The Land is ALIVE!

And the body, too, is speaking…with wisdom and clarity.

What is yours saying??

Mine is really digging the new tuning fork regimen I’m using before sleep-time!! Its as if I’m leaning back into myself in utter relaxation…

The tuning forks (I use two; one C and one G) link immediately into my nervous system, and create a remarkable sense of attunement. I LUV it.

A great source for tuning forks: https://biosonics.com

Meanwhile, The Breast Archives project is being featured in April’s BRAVA Media!!! BRAVA Magazine “celebrates feminine intelligence and creativity via intimate and candid conversations with some of the world’s most remarkable writers, speakers and filmmakers; all of whom are taking risks, and making a valuable contribution to society / culture / the environment through the expression of their voices.”

BRAVA’s founder, Catriona Mitchell, believes that “we are each other’s stories” and that by listening to women’s voices from different parts of the world, we broaden our understanding not only of the feminine experience, but of humanity as a whole; and thereby deepen our capacity for empathy.

Read her in-depth interview (What Do Women Really Feel About Their Breasts? Meagan Murphy) here: https://brava.media/women-really-feel-breasts-meagan-murphy/

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