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WBOA Interviews Meagan Murphy

I decided to interview women to find out if there was, in fact, a ‘breast-based wisdom,’ and then stumbled into a surprisingly deep cache of never-before-shared stories. I thought, THIS is what I want to do…. TO HEAR MORE:

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What Do Women Really Feel About Their Breasts?

The Breast Archives explores the Western woman’s relationship with her breasts – a relationship that’s far from simple. In this documentary, nine women offer illuminating perspectives in a series of provocative conversations… including the media, religion, pregnancy, sexual assault, breast cancer and menopause. READ MORE:

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WHMP The River 93.9, The Monte Show

It’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: breasts.  Meagan Murphy– we met at WGBY; just down the street, and you are a filmmaker. And your new film will debut this week… HEAR MORE:

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MUST SEE: A documentary about women and their breasts

For the past four years, documentary filmmaker Meagan Murphy and her team have worked to create The Breast Archives, a documentary about women and their breasts. The Breast Archives features nine diverse women, eight of whom boldly expose their breasts to the camera. READ MORE:

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Stream Queen: All Breasts are Best

Some documentaries exist to tackle big-picture issues, while others hone in on life’s finer details. The Breast Archives, by local director Meagan Murphy, attempts both tasks at once, as the film delves into the world of feminist body politics vis-a-vis the breasts. READ MORE:  

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Women of Distinction Magazine

The statistics are shocking. Ninety percent of women are unhappy with their breasts. Furthermore, a UCLA study that polled 60,000 women discovered that 85 percent of them are “dissatisfied with or ambivalent about their breasts.” READ MORE: Download Article

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