Breast Care Tips for Women

Breast Care Tips for Women

When it comes to breast care, most of us aren’t taught much beyond Breast Self-Exam for cancer detection. But what happens when the only time we spend interacting with our breasts is a few minutes each month making sure that they’re not trying to kill us? We become disconnected. We learn to see our breasts as something other than the source of our power and beauty, separate from ourselves. We see our breasts as the enemy.

Breast Massage

How about trying something new this month? How about treating yourself and your breasts with love? Breast massage, which allows you to feel a new depth of love and appreciation for yourself, is a great place to start.

  • According to Japanese tradition, regular care of the breast fosters lymph drainage, which is important for immunity and tumor prevention.
  • Regular nipple and breast massage releases oxytocin, also known as the “love molecule,” which is believed to be highly critical in human pair-bonding.
  • Developing a strong connection with your breasts can lead to a better understanding of the organs, glands, meridians, and chakras.
  • Use a dedicated cream for moisturizing your breasts while sending visions of wellbeing across your heart center.
  • Incorporating tender breast care in your self-care regimen can become a spiritual practice.
  • Massage your nipples regularly. Healthy nipples are associated with a healthier vagina.
  • Rub your hands together vigorously to generate positive energy before you massage and care for your breasts.
  • Remember to massage the muscles around your breasts. Well-toned pectoral muscles allow deep breathing, reduce depression, and support vibrant, healthy breasts.

Choose Unrestrictive Clothing

Are you wearing clothing that loves your breasts? Avoid constricting bras and clothing that can block the flow of energy. Stagnation can lead to cyst formation. Further, the jury’s still out on a possible link between bras and breast cancer. In Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras, researchers conclude that there is a correlation between the number of hours a day women wear bras and their risk of developing cancer. Underwires, which can conduct radiation, may exacerbate the situation. Choose the bra that is most comfortable and least restrictive, and wear it only when you need to.

Resist Unnecessary Mammograms

You can do more than breast self-exam to stay healthy. In A Challenging Second Opinion, John McDougall M.D. writes, “The human organ most sensitive to the cancer causing effects of radiation is the female breast. The softer the tissue, the more susceptible it is to the effects of radiation.” If your doctor recommends a diagnostic mammogram, make sure you understand why it’s appropriate and necessary. Consider thermography as an alternative for routine care.

Talk About Your Breasts

Our society teaches women to be ashamed of our breasts. We’re taught to cover ourselves and silence our voices. Resist! Talk about your breasts. Share your breast stories with the people you love.


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