Body Language

Who Decides Your Body Language?

Have you ever noticed the not-so-subtle restrictions the English language imposes on women? Isn’t it bizarre that our Heroines have been linguistically hijacked by a drug? There are perplexingly few words with which to discuss our bodies that haven’t been co-opted by the language of sexual objectification. And because we don’t have an adequate vocabulary available to talk about our bodies, we have trouble talking about ourselves.

When I was first putting together a business plan for The Breast Archives, I was astonished by the absence of synonyms for the word “body.” How is this possible when our bodies are so varied? They are central to our lives as women! The alternatives: corpse, chassis, torso, carcass are, let’s face it, depressing.

As women, we bulge, we curve, we jiggle, we bleed, we birth. There should be a lavish linguistic multitude for our every corporeal circumstance. It should rain words for our varied limbs and trunks. We should swim in pro-body verbiage during each stage of our lives. Remember: the body is where an exquisite truth resides. We deserve a cornucopia of utterances we can share each day of our bodily womanhood.

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