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The Truth About Bras

by Meagan Murphy For most of recorded history, societies throughout the world have required women to use some kind of bra-like garment to hide, restrain, and reshape their breasts. Archaeologists have discovered evidence of this at excavation sites near ancient India, Greece, and Rome. By the Renaissance, corsets were required attire for all women of …

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Body Language: Part Two

Taking back sensual language. Why do we so rarely talk about our sensuality? Because there are shockingly few words for us to use, let alone to initiate authentic conversation! In the “Sensuality” section of The Breast Archives, when women focused on their sensual and erotic breast experiences, a certain verbal specificity was needed in order …

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Body Language

Have you ever noticed the not-so-subtle restrictions the English language imposes on women? Isn’t it bizarre that our Heroines have been linguistically hijacked by a drug? There are perplexingly few words with which to discuss our bodies that haven’t been co-opted by the language of sexual objectification. And because we don’t have an adequate vocabulary available to talk about our bodies, we have trouble talking about ourselves.

My Breasts Need- Postcard Feedback

We know this film can change our cultural perspectives around breasts and women’s bodies, and we can’t wait to share it widely. This image came out of a series of postcards we’d laid out asking for anonymous feedback.

What spell are we under

As women, we must reexamine the idea that we need bras and the idea that our breasts should be perfectly perky. Just because this the images we see on magazine covers are of incredibly thin, perky breasted women

Tending Your Garden

How can we celebrate our breasts? Celebrate the breasts, you ask? We say YES!

The breasts are far more mysterious and complex than society has led us to believe. What we hear from the media is that our breasts’ are only special if they’re sexual.

The truth is, our breasts link us to our hearts. That makes them special.

Reclaiming Our Breasts

The media, and our culture, want to define breasts very narrowly—as sexy, as sick, or as a source for milk.

The truth is our breasts are ours to define and they represent the promise of the wonderful experience of being a woman.

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