A Historical Glimpse at Planned Parenthood

“When [Margaret Sanger] started out a hundred years ago, virtually everyone was against her. The government declared what she was doing was criminal. Virtually every man was against her. Every religious organization was against her. The press was against her. The doctors were against her. The only people that were with her were poor women on the lower east side who were having more children than they could afford and were desperate to figure out a way not to.

Through her persistence and grit, and getting arrested again and again, she changed society’s view about birth control, made it not just respectable but a necessary part of the social and familial fabric of this country. We’re now a hundred years later facing opposition, but it’s nowhere near what she faced. It’s an extraordinary accomplishment, what she did.”

Alex Sanger on his grandmother, the Founder of Planned Parenthood.

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