One ordinary day Meagan Murphy was sitting at her desk at WGBY-TV, where she worked as a television producer. As she surfed the ‘Net and munched on a salad an image embedded in an article caught her eye. She clicked it, and was re-directed to the website of Patricia M. Bowers.

The site was filled with captivating and hauntingly beautiful art, and Meagan ordered several prints. Later the two struck up a friendship, and Meagan learned about Patricia’s distinctive artistic process as well as her impassioned connection with the land of Egypt. When a proposed itinerary for a trip down the Nile arrived from Patricia a few weeks later, Meagan signed on. It would be a fateful voyage, and an impetus for the documentary, The Breast Archives.

 Patricia’s life as an artist began as a young child in a one-room schoolhouse in rural Canada. She didn’t know it then, but she had dyslexia and dyscalculia. Her teacher called her stupid. But there was one area in which she excelled: Patricia could draw anything. She didn’t know how she did it; she just knew that she could. She was often called upon to decorate the bulletin boards and enjoyed the validation and praise she received for her art. At 17, with no portfolio but some drawings on scraps of paper, Patricia was admitted to community college, where she found herself valued in a community of like-minded peers. She was finally able to express herself through art.

When Patricia moved to California in 1993, it was a difficult and challenging time to live in the Golden State. Plagued by earthquakes and wildfires, there were also racial tensions culminating in the trial of OJ Simpson. And then Patricia had a revelation that she was surrounded by an energy that protected her. When she felt a message from the Energy that told her to leave California, she listened and headed for Florida (where she now happily resides).

Shortly after arriving in St. Petersburg, and influenced by her new passion for drum circles, meditation and Reiki, Patricia painted her first mandala. She began to see herself as a conduit as she painted – not from her mind, but from her heart and her soul. Now, when she left paintings unfinished, everything needed to complete the canvases would come to her as visions in her dreams. She began to paint fairies, and the simple stick figures she remembered drawing as a child. She began to paint women.

These images are what filmmaker Meagan Murphy saw, and what attracted her to Patricia’s work. They are also what called Meagan to travel to Egypt, and what would lead her to a particular temple in that ancient land. It was in that hallowed site called “Philae;” a place that had borne witness to millennia, that Meagan heard a mysterious voice say, “Within the breasts there is contained an ancient wisdom.”

That experience left Meagan forever changed. “Patricia was a lynchpin for an enormous transformation in my life. And when I set out to make the film, I knew I wanted her artwork, and those otherworldly women in her paintings, to somehow be part of the film.”

Patricia immediately agreed to the collaboration and provided the beautiful images that viewers now see throughout The Breast Archives. “I am proud to be a part of the film,” Patricia says, “and happy to help in any way.”

“Patricia’s very feminine images within the film are profound, because they provide an oasis for viewers to reflect on their own humanity,” says Meagan.

“Because I am a woman, I celebrate women,” Patricia says. “I see beauty in their forms. Their breasts are intriguing, interesting curves that bring proportion and dimension to their bodies. They create light and space.” Now a mature artist, Patricia creates pieces that celebrate the sacred geometry in all things. She believes that tapping into this ancient wisdom awakens our humanity and that it helps activate an ancient knowledge and memory that we all carry in the hearts of our being.

We agree.

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