Real Women reveal their breasts and uncover personal truths.

Delve into The Breast Archives.

Let's Talk About Breasts

As women, our relationships with our breasts profoundly influence our identities and lives, yet we don’t talk about them. What would happen if we did?

The Breast Archives features nine women who boldly bare their breasts and recount hidden stories. As they slowly reconnect with their body-based stories they find a reservoir of strength and wisdom that lies within their breasts.

The film is an excellent resource for women of all ages, mothers and daughters, and educators looking to inspire discussion about breasts, whether in terms of body-based consciousness, lifelong health, or innate feminine wisdom. By normalizing discussion and representation of women’s breasts, the film creates an unprecedented opportunity to empower, engage and enlighten a new generation.

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What People Are Saying

“A powerful, daring and important film for all women to witness and bond with because it empowers us to honor our own bodies.”

-Irene Zabytko; author, filmmaker

Meet The Nine

Website Montage of 9 Nov 30

How hard was it for the women to go topless while they spoke? The participants felt empowered to take part in what they believed to be a new and necessary conversation, and understood that baring their breasts would contribute. There was fleeting nervousness as they removed their clothing, but it was quickly replaced with generosity, authenticity, dignity, and courage.

Being topless wasn’t just about daring or boldness, but about asserting the right to claim and love their bodies and identities, integrating their whole selves.

"I always kind of had the sense that they were small. And now that you're bringing this up, I'm realizing that's where I've been for a long time; I've kept myself small. And so I'm kind of having an 'ah-ha' moment right now!" -Petra Roelofs

"After the interview I felt held, protected, discovered and allowed. I was moved and released! Thank you for getting all of this off my chest." -Rev. Sandy Herrick


Uncovering Stories, Revealing Truths:

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