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Body Language: Part Two

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Taking back sensual language.

Why do we so rarely talk about our sensuality? Because there are shockingly few words for us to use, let alone to initiate authentic conversation!

In the “Sensuality” section of The Breast Archives, when women focused on their sensual and erotic breast experiences, a certain verbal specificity was needed in order for them to both make a point and authentically share their stories. Invariably, when these moments occurred, the women would pause and begin to ask, “Can I say that? How can I explain that? Is it ok for me to use those words?”

Why? Why do we need permission to say the word “nipple,” or “masturbation?” Or “orgasm?” These are words central to our experience not only as women, but as human beings. Let’s talk about our experiences with our bodies. Let’s listen to one another, and let’s reclaim words like vulva and bosom or craft new ones so that we can connect more deeply with each other.

How Filmmaker Meagan Murphy is Changing the Conversation around Women’s Breasts

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Featured in The Huffington Post series, Conversation Changers

One way or another, most women have an opinion about their breasts. If this opinion is positive, then great – well done you. But sadly, you’re in a tiny minority.

A vast majority – 90% to be precise – are likely to fall into the category of not being very happy with their breasts. Read More