Let’s talk about Breasts

The Breast Archives journeys into the memories that shaped the lives of nine women, offering insight into the development of the female psyche. Their stories are funny and sad, touching and absurd, and are all told through the lens of the breasts.

By exposing themselves the women expose, and challenge, all of us.

the trailer

Viewers get to know nine unforgettable women who boldly bare their hearts and breasts to the camera. As women, our relationships with our breasts profoundly influence our identities and lives, yet we don’t talk about them.

What would happen if we did? 


We Need Your Help!

Creating new conversations about breasts that are heart-centered, dynamic and truthful is hard!


Your input matters because the urgency to know and understand women’s bodies has never been greater. 1 in 4 girls will be sexually violated; 1 in 7 women will get breast cancer. The discourse generated by The Breast Archives provides an opportunity to reframe public conversations about women’s bodies.

“When we speak from our hearts about our breasts, we become public on our own terms.” -Carol Beauvais, PhD.

We’re nearly finished with the film’s post-production phase, but we still need your support. It can’t be done without you! Donations will go towards the film’s final polishing; its color correction, audio engineering and the musical score. We also need funds for community outreach, the film’s distribution, and film festivals. Your generosity helps us bring The Breast Archives to girls, women and families everywhere! Thank you!


Who Decides Your Body Language? Have you ever noticed the not-so-subtle restrictions the English language imposes on women? Isn’t it bizarre that our Heroines have been linguistically hijacked by a drug?